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Quick Install


Theme Selection

gui.gothink_theme = "CREAM"

The color theme of the game. Can be either "CREAM" or "IRON". Make sure you also remember to drag in the appropriate theme files into your /gui/ directory.

Visual Details

gui.adv_circle = "FULL"

The style and complexity of the decorative circle on the ADV screen. Three options: "FULL", "EMPTY", and "NONE".

Fonts and Font Sizes

gui.header_font = "gui/Slabo27px-Regular.ttf"

The font used for header text, like the character names. A path.

gui.header_size = 55

The font size for header text. An integer.

gui.header_caps = True

Renders the headers in all-caps. A boolean.

gui.paragraph_font = "gui/Slabo27px-Regular.ttf"

The font used for the dialogue text and other paragraphs. A path.

gui.paragraph_size = 35

The font size for paragraph text. An integer.

gui.caption_font = "gui/VT323 regular.ttf"

The font used for captions, like button tooltips. A path.

gui.caption_size = 28

The font size for caption text. An integer.


gui.sfx_hover = "gui/sfx_hover.ogg"

The sound that plays when a button is hovered. A path.

gui.sfx_click = "gui/sfx_click.ogg"

The sound that plays when a button is clicked. A path.

Advanced Customization


gui.color_primary = "#0f121c"

The primary color determines the text color of the theme.

gui.color_secondary = "#e6e3da"

The secondary color determines the outline color of the text, and should be the same color as the textbox.
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