Interstellar (under construction)


Screen List

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    Main Menu
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    ADV Textbox
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    NVL Textbox
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    Pause Menu
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    CG Gallery
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    Music Room
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  • Copyright 2015 Anthony DELANOIX
Renpy: Copyright 2012-2019 Tom Rothamel.
Nunito: Copyright 2014 The Nunito Project Authors ([email protected]) — distributed under the SIL Open Font License, 1.1

Quick Install

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    Open and drag the whole INTERSTELLAR folder into wherever you set your Ren'Py projects directory.
  2. 2.
    You're done!


For your convenience, the most commonly customized aspects are all placed under gui.rpy.
Before you change anything, I recommend that you test your install to make sure it is successful. If you run into errors, try 1) deleting persistent, and 2) force recompile.
(Note: To prevent errors, some default Ren'Py theme images are kept.)



gui.overlay_opacity = 0.7

The opacity of the menu's overlay. Float.

Sound Effects

guisfx_button_hover = "sfx/silence_sec.ogg"

Sound when a button is hovered. Path.

guisfx_button_click = "sfx/silence_sec.ogg"

Sound when a button is clicked. Path.

guisfx_button_warn = "sfx/silence_sec.ogg"

Sound when a warning pops up, like when deleting a file. Path.

config.main_menu_music = "music/silence_min.ogg"

Music for the main menu. Path.

config.has_voice = True

If you don't want voices, set this to False. The feature will also disappear from the Settings screen. Boolean.

Font Styles

gui.advname_font_face = "gui/Nunito 700.ttf"

Text for the name and headers. Path.

gui.has_cg = True

If you don't want a CG gallery, set this to False, and the gallery will disappear from the Extras menu.

Music Room

gui.has_mr = True

If you don't want a music room, set this to False, and the music room will disappear from the Extras menu.


Jun 13, 2018 | Interstellar 1.0.0 WIP
Last modified 3yr ago